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Real Estate Investors consists of individuals who make their money on the buying and selling of properties who range in age from 25 to 75 and can be selected by mmyy. In addition, demographic and lifestyle selection is available including income, dwelling type, occupation, ethnicity, hobbies, donor interest, buying interests, and much more. Have they been “caught short” on some of their decisions?…probably. They have also made a number of “good” decisions over the years and are still doing so today. Good market, bad market, these investors know how to deal in both and succeed. Investing can be risky but these Real Estate Investors understand that If you manage the risks, they can take advantage of the housing market to secure their financial position and earn money. Some of our Investors prefer having a professional real estate investors make all the decisions, while others prefer the hands on approach doing the research and buying themselves. The Real Estate Investors file is filled with one of the most untapped market segments in America and should be a must test.

SOURCE: Self Reported, Mail Order Buyers, Lifestyle Data, Financial Magazine Subscribers, Lifestyle Questionnaire, Public and Private Information and Postal Information.  

Suggested Offers: Financial Publications, Health Care, Consumer Publications, Opportunity Seekers, Investment Offers, Computer Software & Hardware, Family Vacations & Travel, General Merchandise Buyers, Fundraising, Real Estate & Timeshare Investing, Insurance, Financial Advisement, Health & Nutrition, Credit Cards, Clothing, Sweepstakes, Contests & Lotteries, Children's Books.

List Information


Hotline        $10.00/M
Income        $10.00/M
Ethnic        $10.00/M
Phones        $10.00/M
Credit Cards        $10.00/M
MOB’s        $10.00/M
Home Owners        $10.00/M
Age        $5.00/M
State/Scf/Zip        $  5.00/M
Gender        $  5.00/M
Children        $  5.00/M


E-Mail/FTP         $75.00/F
Encryption         $30.00/F
P.S. Labels        $12.00/M


85% Net Name Guarantee
50M Names Minimum - $8.00/M
Running Charges


20% Broker Comm. Base Price
15% Agency Comission Base

Note: Orders cancelled after mail date require payment in full. All order received, processed and then canceled before the mail date will be charged a flat $50.00 cancellation fee plus $10.00/M running charges and applicable shipping charges.

We extend no warranty as to the accuracy, suitability or results in connection with the use of this list.





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