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415,000 Universe $85.00/M


PROFILE: A unique list of crystal accessory buyers. This file consists of men and women jewelry and accessory mail order buyers ranging in age from 18 to 99 who can be selected by mmyy. In addition, demographic and lifestyle selection is available including income, dwelling type, occupation, ethnicity, hobbies, donor interest, buying interests, and much more. People from all walks of life and from all income levels, from every region and any age group buy jewelry and accessory's. On average, each US household spent $1205 on jewelry and accessories alone in 2015. The average age of these jewelry and accessory mail order buyers is 47 years old with a median household income of $48,200. These consumers buy jewelry and accessory gifts for special occasions including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays. They have purchased crystal pendants, earring, bracelets and pins for both fashion appeal and their spiritual powers.

Suggested Offers: Jewelry Offers, Women's Accessories, Apparel, Electronics, Footwear, Gifts, Catalog Offers, Retail, General Family Merchandise, Mobile Phone, Health & Fitness,  Publications, Cable & Satellite Offers, Hobbies, Insurance, Credit Card, Travel, Family Vacations, Healthy Eating, Fundraising, Insurance, Health & Nutrition and Credit Card Offers.

SOURCE: Direct Response, Mail Order Buyer Information, Self Reported and Public and Private Information.


List Information

Sex: 95% Female


Hotline        $10.00/M
Income        $10.00/M
Ethnic        $10.00/M
Phones        $10.00/M
Credit Cards        $10.00/M
MOB’s        $10.00/M
Home Owners        $10.00/M
Age        $5.00/M
State/Scf/Zip        $  5.00/M
Gender        $  5.00/M
Children        $  5.00/M


E-Mail/FTP         $75.00/F
Encryption         $30.00/F
P.S. Labels        $12.00/M


85% Net Name Guarantee
50M Names Minimum - $8.00/M
Running Charges


20% Broker Comm. Base Price
15% Agency Comission Base

Note: Orders cancelled after mail date require payment in full. All order received, processed and then canceled before the mail date will be charged a flat $50.00 cancellation fee plus $10.00/M running charges and applicable shipping charges.

We extend no warranty as to the accuracy, suitability or results in connection with the use of this list.





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