We help you hit your target audience of consumers with pinpoint accuracy. The JF Direct Marketing Masterfile includes the socio-psychographic and demographic information you need to select the households and individuals that have the best chance of responding to your message.

Consumer Mailing Lists:

Adult Children with Live-In Parents
African American Households
African American Married Households
African American Senior Households
Alaska and Hawaii Destination Travelers
All American Big and Tall MOBs
American Buddhist

American Household Database
American Lutherans
American Muslims

American NBA Basketball Fans
America On The Move
American Teenagers
American Teenager MOB's
American Tween Apparel Buyers
American Tweens
Asian Americans
Asian American Seniors
Atlantic Coast Gun Owners
Baby Boomers
Baby Boomer Mobs
Baby Boomer Electronic Buyers
Blue Collar Workers
Blue Collar Contractor Buyers and Subs
Boomers Turning 65
Catholic Seniors
Celebrate, Party Supply Shoppers
Children by Age and Gender 
Credit Card Active Buyers
Coming of Age Gun Hunters
Decorating Divas

D.I.N.C.'s - Duel Income, No Children HH's
Die Hard Sports Fanatics
Eastern Orthodox Americans

Empty Nesters
Fishing in America
Free and Clear Homeowners
Gardeners in America
Gen X Home Improvement Households
Gen X Electronics MOBs
Generation X

Generation Y
Government 'Helpline' Responders
Grandparent Households
Great Grandparent Households
Greek Orthodox Americans
Gun Owners

Happy Birthday DOB
Healthy Seniors on the Go
High Income Americans
Hispanic American SOHO
Hispanic Households
Hispanic Seniors
Homeowners Database
Hunters with a Heart
Hunters Delight, North American Deer Hunters

Irish Americans
Jewish Americans
Jewish Seniors
Kids in Need Donors
Midwest Gun Hunters
Millennial Pet Owners
Millennial Gun Hunters
Millennial Mail Order Fashion Buyers
Millennial Music Lovers
Mormons In America

Mortgage Holders
Motorcycling Americans
Mountain West Gun Hunters
New Age Gardeners
New Homeowners
New Mortgage Millenials
NFL Football Fans
Parents of Pre-Teen Boys
Parents of Pre-Teen Girls
Parents of Pre-Teen Children
Perfectly Petite
Pet Owner Households
Protestant Millennials
Protestants Across America
Protestant Seniors
Real Estate Agents
Religion in America Masterfile
Religion in America Senior Masterfile
Retired Nurses
Retired Teachers
Runners in America
Sci-Fi Readers
Self Reliant Living
Senior Book Buyers

Senior Citizen Megabase
Senior Fishermen
Senior Pet Owners
Senior Wood Workers
Seniors Who Give
Southern Gun Hunters
Single Parent MOB's
Spanish Speaking MOB Households
Super Tuesday Political Donors
Supporting America’s Veterans
Sweepstakes Games MOB's

Target Audience
Teachers Who Travel
Tee to Green Golfers
The Greatest Generation
The Silent Generation
Three Generation Households
Today's Homemaker
Today’s Mechanic
Toys that Teach MOB's
'Unique' Surnames
U.S. Baseball Fans
U.S. Hockey Fans
Veterans Helping Veterans
Woodworkers in America
Woodworking Show Attendees

175,000,000+ INDIVIDUALS
60,000,000+ Phone Numbers
Base Rate: $60.00/M




Sweepstakes Age
General Merchandise Hotline
Electronics Gender
Books Income
Collectors Geographic
Investors Marital Status
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