11,151,916    Universe         $85.00/M

  6,662,375   Mail Order Buyers

    110,115    30 day Hotline Buyers


American SOHO entrepreneurs are as individual as the businesses they create. You'll find them everywhere. They create marketing plans, sell us food, clothing or gasoline; they do our taxes, cut our hair, tutor our children, fix our cars, repair our homes, and much more. With the growth of technology in the last decade, many American SOHO businesses are becoming computer-focused -- from Web site design to freelance writing. Today, SOHO has become a popular choice for a work environment because Internet-based technologies allow individuals to work from home using email, Web, VoIP, and remote access software to communicate with global employers.  A home office is a good choice for professionals who operate their own service-based small business and for some Internet-based business including email marketing services, SEO consulting or ecommerce. More than 28 million owned SOHO businesses and entrepreneurs help to ensure that the economic prosperity of our nation is alive and well.

SOURCE: Federal/State and other Government Data, Mail Order Buyer Information, Company Websites, Public and Private Information.  

List Information


Hotline        $10.00/M
Income        $10.00/M
Ethnic        $10.00/M
Phones        $10.00/M
Credit Cards        $10.00/M
MOB’s        $10.00/M
Home Owners        $10.00/M
Age        $5.00/M
State/Scf/Zip        $  5.00/M
Gender        $  5.00/M
Children        $  5.00/M


E-Mail/FTP         $75.00/F
Encryption         $30.00/F
P.S. Labels        $12.00/M


85% Net Name Guarantee
50M Names Minimum - $8.00/M
Running Charges


20% Broker Comm. Base Price
15% Agency Comission Base

Note: Orders cancelled after mail date require payment in full. All order received, processed and then canceled before the mail date will be charged a flat $50.00 cancellation fee plus $10.00/M running charges and applicable shipping charges.

We extend no warranty as to the accuracy, suitability or results in connection with the use of this list.





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