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Our U.S. Baseball Fans do more than just watch the action they also participate in the National Pastime. More than 13 million Americans played baseball in 2015 spending over 619 million dollars on baseball equipment. The people who really enjoy and appreciate the game are the people that have more of an intimate knowledge of the sport. Seventy-nine percent of avid baseball fans played the sport at some time in their life, that rate is higher than in other sports. Baseball is still one of the biggest youth sports in the country, almost one-third of the population of American kids play or have played baseball in some form.  So many people played the game or softball as children that it has become known as America's Game. Unlike other sports, baseball can be played well by people of average height and weight. Baseball is played at a number of amateur levels, from Little League to High School to College, and professional leagues range from the lowest Minor Leagues to Major League Baseball. In almost any place in America, there will be a baseball game going on during the spring and summer months.

SOURCE: Team Websites, National/American League Websites, Loyalty Programs, Self Reported Information, Surveys, Mail Order Buyer/Respondent Data.

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