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Lawyers consists of professional men and women who have a passion for the law who range in age from 24 to 80 and can be selected by mmyy. In addition, demographic and lifestyle selection is available including income, dwelling type, occupation, ethnicity, hobbies, donor interest, buying interests, and much more. Lawyers are highly educated, have above-average household incomes, and their ranks are filled with motivated men and women. Today, the average age of a lawyer in the U.S. is 49 years old with an annual median income of $115,800. The majority of lawyers work in private and corporate legal offices. Some work for federal, local, and state governments. The majority work full time, and many work more than 40 hours a week. Lawyers rank among the nation's most highly educated professionals with the majority having a Doctoral or professional degree. The majority of attorneys, around 76 percent are married and are prime candidates for print advertising as lawyers are part of a few groups of professionals who read everything. Lawyers is filled with an untapped market segment of passionate professionals and should be a must consideration for all Marketers when planning their next Direct Response Program.

SOURCE: State & County Recorder Offices, Direct Mail Buyer Information, Occupational Directories, Surveys, Financial Sources, Corporate/Company Web Sites, Legal Publications and Websites, Local/County BAR Association Membership rolls.

List Information


Hotline $10.00/M
Income $10.00/M
Ethnic $10.00/M
Phones $10.00/M
Credit Cards $10.00/M
MOB's $10.00/M
Home Owner $10.00/M
Age $5.00/M
State/Scf/Zip $5.00/M
Gender $5.00/M
Children $5.00/M


P.S. Labels $12.00/M
Encryption $12.00/F
E-mail /FTP $75.00/F


85% Net Name Guarantee 50M Names Minimum - $8.00/M Running Charges


20% Broker Comm. Base Price 15% Agency Comission Base

Note: Orders cancelled after mail date require payment in full. All order received, processed and then canceled before the mail date will be charged a flat $50.00 cancellation fee plus $10.00/M running charges and applicable shipping charges.

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