30,000,000 Universe                 $75.00/M
1,000,000 30 Day Hotline

10,000,000 Email Addresses   $125.00/M

3,000,000 Telephone Numbers

PROFILE: Empty Nesters represent a unique opportunity for Direct Marketers given the adult(s) are alone as the children have left home. This opportunity consists of the Empty Nesters having to start a new life with many decisions on possible moving, investing, travel, health, etc., along with all the issues going forward of aging.  Thus, Empty Nesters are prospects for a great many offers of products and services that go to the heart of the Direct Marketing Industry's history to consumers. In addition, we have made available as many select factors as possible to allow a mailer to segment his offer for maximum response. See our Yellow Banner to the right. Finally, we are giving the mailer/advertiser the choice of delivery via postal, email and phone.

SOURCE: Self Reported Information, Surveys, Three Generation Households, Compiled Data

List Information


Hotline        $10.00/M
Income        $10.00/M
Ethnic        $10.00/M
Phones        $10.00/M
Credit Cards        $10.00/M
MOB’s        $10.00/M
Home Owners        $10.00/M
Age        $5.00/M
State/Scf/Zip        $  5.00/M
Gender        $  5.00/M
Children        $  5.00/M


E-Mail/FTP         $75.00/F
Encryption         $30.00/F
P.S. Labels        $12.00/M


85% Net Name Guarantee
50M Names Minimum - $8.00/M
Running Charges


20% Broker Comm. Base Price
15% Agency Comission Base

Note: Orders cancelled after mail date require payment in full. All order received, processed and then canceled before the mail date will be charged a flat $50.00 cancellation fee plus $10.00/M running charges and applicable shipping charges.

We extend no warranty as to the accuracy, suitability or results in connection with the use of this list.





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